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Cars 3 Movie Review

Posted 2017/07/03 353 0


Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Nathan Fillion, Chris Cooper, Bonnie Hunt

Director: Brian Fee

What’s Good: Story, direction and of course the cars!

What’s Bad: Ummm…I’ll have to think

Loo Break: I would suggest taking that during the interval

Watch or Not?: The film will appeal to three categories of people— kids, car enthusiasts and grownups who love to keep the child in them alive and enjoy animation flicks

Champion racing car Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson), a living legend suffers a terrible crash and loses to a young and strong contender Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), a new generation racing car. This obviously makes other cars question McQueen’s ability to rule the racing tracks once again and some even suggest that he should retire. This disappoints McQueen but his girlfriend Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt), a Porsche doesn’t lose faith in him and encourages him to recover and start afresh.

McQueen begins to train at Rust-eze racing centre, which is owned by a filthy rich business car, Sterling (Nathan Fillion). There he meets his young trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), who grew up wishing to be a racing car but has turned a trainer instead. Cruz’s speed and techniques impress McQueen while she tries to accompany him while he practices.

Meanwhile, Sterling tells McQueen that he cannot let him race at the forthcoming Florida 500 as McQueen is lagging behind Jackson Storm in terms of speed. McQueen requests him for one last chance and prepares under the able training of veteran mechanic car Smokey (Chris Cooper) and Cruz.

McQueen finally participates in the Florida 500 but leaves it halfway. How will he win a race which he leaves halfway? Watch the film to find out the twist in the tale!

Cars 3 Review: Script Analysis
Lighting McQueen is an old horse, which has stood the test of time. While new generation, stronger cars are replacing veterans belonging to his generation, he refuses to give up. He eventually shows why he is a class apart. It’s his spirit, which we need to learn and get inspired by. The character of this racing car is so nicely scripted that you will almost mistake him for a real person.

Cruz Ramirez is the next in my favourites list after McQueen. She is tough, a girl (car), who lives with the pain of not being able to achieve her dream but is strong enough to never express it. She shields her soft emotional side with a harder outer surface and pretends to be a tough girl. She is also a very good trainer.

I liked Smokey, the experienced veteran mechanic car. He is someone who you can trust with your eyes closed. If you have a mentor like him, you are bound to win every single race of your life!

Sally Carrera is the loyal girlfriend who always stands by her boyfriend through thick and thin and is a positive influence in his life. (Yes, even if humans betray, cars don’t).

There is a lot to learn from these characters, each of which has a message to offer.

The surprise twist in the climax is highly impressive!

Cars 3 Review: Star Performance
Talking about star performance, it is needless to mention that Lighting McQueen is the star of this film! Cruz and Smokey grab eyeballs too! Owen Wilson and Cristela Alonzo are splendid as McQueen and Cruz respectively.

Armie Hammer and Nathan Fillion impress as the voices behind Smokey and Sterling.

Cars 3 Review: Direction, Music
The first thing that comes to my mind while describing the 3rd film of this Pixar franchise is that it’s wonderful! Cars 3 helmed by Brian Fee is an extremely gripping tale where the cars appear to be humans made of flesh and blood. Their pain will make you sad, their victory will make you rejoice. Yes, I am in love with Lighting McQueen after watching the film!

The scenes which intrigued me the most are McQueen’s crash scene in the beginning, McQueen and Cruz’s participation at the Thunder Hollow, McQueen’s race with Smokey and other cars through dark woods with headlights turned off and of course the climax. (I am not describing these in detail as the real thrill lies in watching and experiencing them!)

There are a lot of LOL moments too!

The film, which is otherwise very engaging, slows down a bit towards the middle but quickly regains pace. It does not stretch unnecessarily.

Cars 3 Review: The Last Word
Mr. Fee, thank you for bringing your cars to life in such an amazing way. I would surely love to be a part of this wonderful car race! The thoroughly enjoyable film will surely lift up your spirits! And yes, it offers a message, ‘it’s never too late to chase your dreams, it’s never too late to start afresh!’ Four stars for this one!


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